Tort Law

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One of the most interesting subjects in any LLB (partly due to bizarre, if not interesting :)) caselaw, is Tort Law. There are loads of ways that students tend to complicate this subject and that’s the very reason I developed this course, taking into account the tools and techniques I used to study Tort Law during my LL.B

The following video lectures will provide you with a fundamental understanding of the subject matter. It’s a good place to start, if you are a student just getting into Property Law. It’s also a great recap if you are weeks (if not days!) away from your examinations.

I have structured the videos in the following manner and I urge you to go through them in order. As this is part of a larger course, which I offer on Udemy, I have included a coupon code to download the complete course, which includes:

  • 90 Minutes of Video Lessons (just like these!)
  • 100+ Pages of Case Summaries
  • Complete Spider Graphs for all the topics covered (think of them as mindmaps, for Law!)

So,… Let’s begin! ?

1. Negligence – Duty of Care

2. Negligence – Breach

3. Negligence – Causation, Damage & Remoteness

4. Defences & Proof

5. Defamation

6. Employer’s Liability

7. Vicarious Liability

8. Occupier’s Liability

9. Nuisance

10. Rylands v Fletcher

To continue with the rest of the course, which includes Case Summaries and Spider Graphs along with more video lessons, follow the link below:

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Have Fun. Stay Safe and… Obey the Law!

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