Contract Law

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One of the most practically applicable subjects in Law, even if you’re not planning on practicing as a Lawyer is Contract Law. This subject has so many great applications in real life and is a fun subject (especially the caselaw) to learn! In order for you to get the best out of this subject however, you need to understand the fundamentals. That’s where The Law Simplified comes in!

I have structured the videos in the following manner and I urge you to go through them in order. As this is part of a larger course, which I offer on Udemy, I have included a coupon code to download the complete course, which includes:

  • 1 Hour of Video Lessons (just like these!)
  • 50+ Pages of Case Summaries
  • Complete Spider Graphs for all the topics covered (think of them as mindmaps, for Law!)

So,… Let’s begin! ?

1. Agreement

2. Consideration

3. Formative Requirements

4. Terms

5. Misrepresentation

To continue with the rest of the course, which includes Case Summaries and Spider Graphs along with more video lessons, follow the link below:

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Have Fun. Stay Safe and… Obey the Law!

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